Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stimulating packages

From the Marx and Coca-Cola blog

Remember that $600 check we all got that was supposed to stimulate the economy? Well, it stimulated something all right:
An independent market-research firm, AIMRCo (Adult Internet Market Research Company), has discovered that many websites focused on adult or erotic material have experienced an upswing in sales in the recent weeks since checks have appeared in millions of Americans' mailboxes across the country....Jillian Fox, spokeswoman for, one of the sites reporting figures to AIMRCo, added, "In a June 15, 2008 survey to our members, thirty two percent of respondents referenced the recent stimulus package as part of their decision to either become a new member, or renew an existing membership."

While our tax dollars go to subsidize this story has appeared in my local paper: Stretch SUV carries shoppers on tour of foreclosed homes.

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