Friday, June 8, 2007

June Socialist Standard


  • Goodbye To Bambi
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  • Pathfinders Old Bones
  • Cooking the Books #1 Economic Cycling
  • Cooking the Books #2 Back To The Seventies?
  • Greasy Pole Baldwin versus Blair
  • 50 Years Ago Communist Commotion

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  • The Illusion of Freedom We are always been told that we live in a free society, but do we?
  • Camouflaging Class Rule Our society is routinely described in terms that camouflague the reality of exploitation and class rule.
  • What Free-Access Means Socialists often describe socialism as a society where there will be free access, but what could this mean in concrete terms?.
  • Maoism as a class society: illusion and reality Both supporters and opponents saw China under Mao as an egalitarian society without hierarchy but this was an illusion.
  • Unvarnished history of the Panama canal The story of the building of the Panama Canal at the turn of the last century is an expos√© of the operations of the capitalist system.
  • Philosopher, heal thyself Marx said that philosophers only interpreted the world. To what extent has the philosopher Julian Baggini done this?
  • Charity versus equity Commentary on a recent action aid letter citing a number of manifestations of the iniquities of global capitalism.

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  • Letters to the Editors 'Labour Leaders' & 'Thieves and Robbers'
  • Book Reviews Oil Wars edited by Mary Kaldor, Terry Lynn Karl and Yahia Said & A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle

  • Meetings London, Manchester & Birmingham.
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  • They Call It Democracy?; Prisoners of Want; They Call It Truth?; Tough at the Top ; Down and Out Down Under; So What's New?