Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Billy and Ben (1978)

From the January 1978 issue of the Socialist Standard
Ben believed in God, a superior spirit in the sky,
An all powerful being, a saviour on High.
God, he said, was in you, around you.
A part of your life
Whether you be rich or poor
In peace or in strife. 
Billy, Ben's neighbour, asked how he knew He was there
And Ben said: "Don't be impertinent! Besides, that's not fair.
God is God, the giver of Love; the Lord is always so near.
Everyone knows it's Faith you need, then you'd know for sure He was here".
The observers of this encounter cheered Ben's clear cut words
For if there was anything clearer than what Ben had explained
Then they were sure that they'd never heard. 
Billy slowly walked away, a frown flitted across his brow so sad
But no-one was concerned at this facial expression
Because everyone knew that Billy was mad.
You see, Billy believed in this little green man
Who wandered the streets of the land.
You couldn't see him, hear him or speak to him at will
But as sure as the sky above was blue
The little green man had everything planned. 
"I'll go to the green man when I'm dead!" Billy yelled.
"The green man's garden is the best place to stay."
He told everyone this from his box in the town
And they came and locked poor Billy away.
Paul Breeze

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