Thursday, August 20, 2015

Superfacts (1984)

From the April 1984 issue of the Socialist Standard

Look. Up in the sky.

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it's a super geriatric!

No, it's not, it's Supermac.


You know, the Earl of Stockton.

Who's he then?

Why, he's ex prime-minister, Harold Macmillan, that's who.

What'd he do that was super?

Well for one thing he coined phrases that were famous.

So do Xmas cracker manufacturers.

Yes but his were more relevant, weren't they?

Such as?

Well he said: "You've never had it so good".

So he was into sex then?

Oh no, nothing like that. Whitehouse forbid. No, he was talking about the important things in our lives like our jobs, our respirations.


Them too.

So what did be actually do then?

He gave us more jobs for one thing.

It is with us again, this condition they have repeatedly assured us was gone for good. Unemployment at the end of 1962 was pressing stubbornly upwards and was expected to top the 600,000 mark with the turn of the year. Once again we are seeing a lengthening of the dole queues. Some sections of workers have been affected more than others, such as those in manufacturing and construction. There has, for some time, also been widespread unemployment amongst teenage school leavers. (Grim New Year, Socialist Standard, January 1963.)

And another thing  . . . . 'Ere wait a minute! What's the idea of interposing a quote from the Socialist Standard circa 1963 into our discussion?

Well, you see when you have a discussion you can make all kinds of assertions, but when you introduce facts it takes on a bit of real meaning, and the reality is that even when we are supposed to be "having it so good" it was still bloody awful. The truth is that even when capitalism is going through one of its periodic booms, the needs of the vast majority can never be satisfied in spite of the so-called great leaders. Nor could it be otherwise since capitalism can only operate in the interest of the tiny handful who constitute the capitalist class. So instead of asking the slavish question: What did he do for us?, ask yourself this question" What can I do for us? Get it Mac? Super!

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