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Socialism on Tape (1990)

From the April 1990 issue of the Socialist Standard

The Socialist Party Tapes Library has again been fully updated. and the list below replaces all previous lists Each cassette can be purchased for £3. including postage and packing. There is a discount on larger purchases: any six tapes can be bought for the price of five. Allow up to four weeks for delivery. Socialist Party branches and groups may wish to purchase a range of tapes for re-sale at meetings. Further tapes will be added to this list in due course.

1. Is Britain Worth Dying for? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Lady Olga Maitland (Women and Families for Defence) (1984).

2. After the Miners' Strike—Which Way Forward for Socialists? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party (Colin Tipton) (1985).

4. Did Lenin Distort Marx? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Monty Johnstone (Communist Party. Marxism Today) (1982).

5. Terrorism versus Socialist Action. Richard Montague. World Socialist Party (Ireland) (1985).

6. What is the Next Step for Socialists? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Revolutionary Communist Party (Sean Mullen) (1987).

7. Why You Should Be A Socialist. E. Hardy. Dick Donnelly (1988). 

8. Fear of Freedom: The Development of the Personality in Capitalist Society. Steve Coleman (1983).

10. DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Militant Tendency (Bill Sheppard ) (1982).

13. Should You Join The Socialist Party? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Andrew Broadhurst (Greater London Conservative Association) (1988).

14. The Crisis in Capitalism—What is the Next Step? DEBATE between the Socialist Party (Clifford Slapper) and Bill Etherington (General Secretary, NUM Durham Mechanics) (1987).

15. Is there a Free Press in Britain? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Lady Olga Maitland (Daily Express) (1987).

17. Is Equality Just A Socialist Myth? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and Professor Anthony Flew (1981).

18. Conservation versus Democratic Revolution. DEBATE between the Socialist Party (Pieter Lawrence) and the Ecology Party (Tony Jones) (1983).

19. Can We Change the World Through Music? Forum with Clifford Slapper (Socialist Party) and Annajoy David (Political Co-ordinator. Red Wedge) (1988).

21. Conservatism versus Socialism. DEBATE between the Socialist Party (Dick Donnelly. Clifford Slapper) and Monday Club (Harry Phibbs. A. V. R. Smith) (1984).

22. Should We Return To Victorian Values? DEBATE between the Socialist Party and G. Webster Gardiner (Conservative Families Campaign) (1986).

23. Two LBC Radio Debates on one tape: Can The Profit System Benefit Most People? between Pieter Lawrence (Socialist Party) and Ian Picton (Conservative councillor) (1982) and Is Britain Worth Defending? between Dick Donnelly (Socialist Party) and Paul Backhouse (Peace Through NATO) (1985).

24. LBC Radio Debate: The Royal Wedding was a Complete Waste of Time and Money, between Clifford Slapper (Socialist Party) and Simon Kinnersley (Woman's Own) (1986) and LBC Radio "Futures" phone-in on What Would A Socialist Society Be Like? Speaker Steve Coleman (1986).

27. Religion and Historical Materialism. Forum with Dick Donnelly (Socialist Party) and David McLellan (1984).

30. The Social Origins of Music. Kerima Mohideen (1987).

Education Series: The Thatcher Government, 1979-85 (1985):
32. From Churchill To Thatcher: Your Elders and Betters? Ralph Critchfield.
33. The Economics of the Thatcher Government. Clifford Slapper.
34. A Guided Tour of the Conservative Mind. Steve Coleman.

Education Series: Socialist Thinkers — People Who History Made.
Speaker Steve Coleman (1982).
39 Plekhanov And Historical Materialism. (Part 1) (Part 2)
40. Dietzgen And Dialectical Thought. (Part 1) (Part 2)
41. Kautsky's Critique Of Religion. (Part 1) (Part 2)
42. Bronterre O’Brien And Working Class Radicalism. (Part 1
43. Belfort Bax And The "Ethics" Of Socialism.
44. William Morris' Vision Of Socialism.
45. Martov And The Anti-Bolshevik Approach To Revolution. 

Why hasn't a Socialist Revolution happened yet?
46. Reformism: What it has achieved and where it has failed. Howard Moss (1986).
47 Are Workers Capable of Co-operating. Pieter Lawrence (1986).
48. What is Capitalist Ideology? Steve Coleman and Brian Montague (1986).

Socialist Women (1988)
49. Women Under Capitalism. Kerima Mohideen.
50. Men in a Sexist Society. Steve Coleman.
51. What Socialists Can Learn from Feminist Ideas. Janie Percy- Smith.
52. Women For Change: Why You Should Join the Socialist Party.

Left-Wing Capitalism versus Revolutionary Socialism (1984)
53. Trotskyism. Wally Preston.
54. Anarchism. Brian Rubin.
55. Labourism versus Socialism. Howard Moss.

56. The Politics of Rosa Luxemburg. Victor Vanni (1983).
57. Useful Work Versus Useless Toil. Victor Vanni (1983).
58. Schools—Who Needs Them? Clifford Slapper (1987).
59. The Myths of Racism Exposed. Gary Jay (1989).
61. Ten Years of Thatcher—Should the Workers be Grateful? DEBATE between Conservative Party (Leslie Winter) and Socialist Party (Steve Coleman) (1988).
62. Controlled Market Economy versus the Abolition of the Wages System. DEBATE between Paul Hirst (Sociology Lecturer) and Socialist Party (E. Hardy) (1983).
63. Should Workers Vote Labour? DEBATE between Labour Party (Kelvin Hopkins) and Socialist Party (E. Hardy) (1988).
64. Marx's Conception of Socialism. E. Hardy (1983)

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