Film Reviews


1920 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Directed by Robert Wiene) April 2013 
1927 Metropolis (Directed by Fritz Lang) January 2011


1930 All Quiet on the Western Front (Directed by Lewis Milestone) April 1951
1930 All Quiet on the Western Front (Directed by Lewis Milestone) January 1960


1940 The Happiest Man on Earth (Directed by David Miller) June 1943  

1941 The Common Touch (Directed by John Baxter) January 1942

1945 A Walk in the Sun (Directed by Lewis Milestone) January 1960

1948 The Winslow Boy (Directed by Anthony Asquith) March 1991


1950 The Fall of Berlin (Directed by Mikheil Chiaureli) September 1952

1951 Death of a Salesman (Directed by László Benedek) August 1952
1951 Home Town Story (Directed by Arthur Pierson) November 1951
1951 The White-haired Girl (Directed by Choui Khoua) April 1954

1952 Letter to a Georgia Mother July 1957
1952 The Little World of Don Camillo (Directed by Julien Duvivier) May 1953
1952 Umberto D. (Directed by Vittorio De Sica) May 1955

1953 Meet Mr. Marshall (Directed by Luis García Berlanga) May 1955

1954 The Barefoot Contessa (Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz) July 1955 
1954 The Eva Braun and Hitler Story July 1954 
1954 On the Waterfront (Directed by Elia Kazan) July 1955

1955 The Desperate Hours (Directed by William Wyler) March 1956
1955 Marty (Directed by Delbert Mann) July 1955
1955 The Prisoner (Directed by Peter Glenville) June 1955
1955 Richard III (Directed by Laurence Olivier) April 1956
1955 Trial (Directed by Mark Robson) July 1955
1955 The Unknown Soldier (Directed by Edvin Laine) September 1958
1955 The Unknown Soldier (Directed by Edvin Laine) January 1960

1956 1984 (Directed by Michael Anderson) April 1956
1956 Storm Center (Directed by Daniel Taradash) July 1956 
1956 The Ten Commandments (Directed by Cecil B. DeMille) March 1958

1957 Kanal (Directed by Andrzej Wajda) January 1960
1957 The Witches of Salem (Directed by Raymond Rouleau) October 1957
1957 Wild Strawberries (Directed by Ingmar Bergman) December 1958

1958 Blitzkrieg December 1958
1958 The Defiant Ones (Directed by Stanley Kramer) November 1958
1958 We Are the Lambeth Boys (Directed by Karl Reisz) March 1960

1959 Enterprise February 1959
1959 Look Back in Anger (Directed by Tony Richardson) August 1959
1959 Room at the Top (Directed by Jack Clayton) March 1959
1959 The Savage Eye (Directed by Ben Maddow) January 1960


1960 The Crowning Experience (Directed by Marion Clayton Anderson) September 1961
1960 La Dolce Vita (Directed by Federico Fellini) January 1961

1963 Billy Liar (Directed by John Schlesinger) December 1963
1963 Hands over the City (Directed by Francesco Rosi) October 1966

1964 Nothing but a Man (Directed by Michael Roemer) January 2014

1965 Juliet of the Spirits (Directed by Federico Fellini) March 1966
1965 The War Game (Directed by Peter Watkins) July 1966


1970 The McMasters (Directed by Alf Kjellin) July 1971

1974 Gold (Directed by Peter R. Hunt) December 1974

1975 Take It Like a Man, Ma'am (Directed by Mette Knudsen) July 1978

1976 Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 (Directed by Alain Tanner) May 1978

1978 The Deer Hunter (Directed by Michael Cimino) June 1979

1979 Scum (Directed Alan Clarke) June 1980


1982 Pink Floyd – The Wall (Directed by Alan Parker) October 1982

1986 Absolute Beginners (Directed by Julien Temple) June 1986
1986 Blue Velvet (Directed by David Lynch) October 1987
1986 The Mission (Directed by Roland Joffé) February 1988
1986 Peggy Sue Got Married (Directed by Francis Ford Coppola) October 1987
1986 Platoon (Directed by Oliver Stone) July 1987
1986 Rosa Luxemburg (Directed by Margarethe von Trotta) May 1987
1986 Stand by Me (Directed by Rob Reiner) October 1987
1986 Working Girls (Directed by Lizzie Borden) August 1987

1987 Baby Boom (Directed by Charles Shyer) May 1988
1987 Business as Usual (Directed by Lezli-An Barrett) March 1988
1987 Cry Freedom (Directed by Richard Attenborough) August 1988
1987 Full Metal Jacket (Directed Stanley Kubrick) October 1987
1987 The Last Emperor (Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci) April 1988
1987 Maurice (Directed by James Ivory) January 1988  
1987 Moonstruck (Directed by Norman Jewison) June 1988
1987 A Prayer for the Dying (Directed by Mike Hodges) July 1988
1987 Prick Up Your Ears (Directed by Stephen Frears) August 1987
1987 Rita, Sue and Bob Too (Directed by Alan Clarke) December 1987
1987 Three Men and a Baby (Directed by Leonard Nimoy) May 1988
1987 Wall Street (Directed by Oliver Stone) August 1988

1988 Mississippi Burning (Directed by Alan Parker) August 1989

1989 War Requiem (Directed by Derek Jarman) August 2014


1990 Korczak (Directed by Andrej Wajda) March 1991 

1993 Naked (Directed by Mike Leigh) December 1993

1995 Judge Dredd (Directed by Danny Cannon) September 1995
1995 Land and Freedom (Directed by Ken Loach) September 1995

1996 Michael Collins (Directed by Neil Jordan) December 1996
1996 Star Trek: First Contact (Directed by Jonathan Frakes) July 1997
1996 Trainspotting (Directed by Danny Boyle) April 1996  

1998 Saving Private Ryan (Directed Steven Spielberg) October 1998 
1998 The Truman Show (Directed by Peter Weir) November 1998

1999 American Beauty (Directed by Sam Mendes) February 2001
1999 Being John Malkovich (Directed by Spike Jonze) February 2001
1999 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (Directed by Jim Jarmusch) February 2001
1999 The Insider (Directed by Michael Mann) February 2001


2000 Gladiator (Directed by Ridley Scott) February 2001
2000 Memento (Directed by Christopher Nolan) February 2001
2000 Nurse Betty (Directed by Neil LaBute) February 2001
2000 Shaft (Directed by John Singleton) February 2001 

2003 The Corporation (Directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott) December 2004 
2003 The Yes Men (Directed by Dan Ollman) May 2005

2004 Darwin's Nightmare (Directed by Hubert Sauper) June 2005
2004 The Edukators (Directed by Hans Weingarten) August 2005
2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 (Directed by Michael Moore) August 2004

2005 An Inconvenient Truth (Directed by Davis Guggenheim) December 2006
2005 Capitalism and Other Kids Stuff (Directed by Carol Taylor) September 2005
2005 Cinderella Man (Directed by Ron Howard) October 2005 
2005 Class Dismissed: How TV Frames The Working Class (Directed by Pepi Leistyna) March 2012
2005 The Motorcycle Diaries (Directed by Walter Salles) March 2005
2005 Munich (Directed by Steven Spielberg) March 2006
2005 Sir! No Sir! (Directed by David Ziegler) March 2007 
2005 Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (Directed by Robert Greenwald) December 2011

2006 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised October 2006
2006 Who Killed the Electric Car? (Directed by Chris Paine) December 2008 

2007 Sicko (Directed by Michael Moore) December 2007

2009 Capitalism: A Love Story (Directed by Michael Moore) SOYMB Blog 2010 
2009 Capitalism: A Love Story (Directed by Michael Moore) March 2010


2010 The Company Men (Directed by John Wells) April 2011 
2010 Gasland and Gasland: Part II (Directed by Josh Fo) April 2014 
2010 Made in Dagenham (Directed by Nigel Cole) February 2011 
2010 Neds (Directed by Peter Mullan) March 2011 
2010 The Way Back (Directed Peter Weir) April 2012
2010 The Weight of Chains (Directed by Boris Malagurski) January 2014

2011 The Iron Lady (Directed by Phyllida Lloyd) February 2012 
2011 J. Edgar (Directed by Clint Eastwood) June 2012 
2011 Jumping the Broom (Directed by Salim Akil) July 2011
2011 Les neiges du Kilimandjaro (Directed by Robert Guediguian) November 2012 
2011 Super 8 (Directed by J. J. Abrams) September 2011 
2011 Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Directed by Peter Joseph) March 2011

2012 Argo (Directed by Ben Affleck) WSPUS website 2014
2012 Le capital (Directed by Costa-Gavras) October 2013 
2012 The Condition of the Working Class (Directed by Deirdre O'Neill) August 2013  
2012 The Dictator (Directed by Larry Charles) August 2012
2012 Lincoln (Directed by Steven Spielberg) March 2013
2012 The Master (Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) January 2013  
2012 Les Misérables (Directed by Tom Hooper) February 2013
2012 On the Road (Directed by Walter Salles) December 2012 
2012 The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (Directed by Sophie Fiennes) May 2014
2012 Promised Land (Directed by Gus Van Sant) June 2013  
2012 Searching for Sugar Man (Directed by Malik Bendjelloul) September 2013

2013 Elysium (Directed by Neill Blomkamp) November 2013
2013 Kill Your Darlings (Directed by John Krokidas) September 2014
2013 The Selfish Giant (Directed by Clio Barnard) June 2014
2013 The Spirit of '45 (Directed by Ken Loach) May 2013 
2013 Utopia (Directed by John Pilger) March 2014

2014 Inherent Vice (Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) May 2015  

2015 Bikes vs Cars (Directed by Fredrik Gertten) August 2015

2016 I, Daniel Blake (Directed by Ken Loach) January 2017

2017 The Death of Stalin (Directed Armando Iannucci) September 2018
2017 The Young Karl Marx (Directed Raoul Peck) August 2018 

2018 Peterloo (Directed by Mike Leigh) February 2019 

2019 Le Mans '66 (Directed by James Mangold) January 2020 
2019 Planet of the Humans (Directed by Jeff Gibbs) June 2020 


2021 Don't Look Up (Directed by Adam McKay) February 2022


ajohnstone said...

A great addition.

Will you do the same for theatre reviews? Michael Gill's were illuminating

Imposs1904 said...

I will do, but I was surprised how long it took me to actually do this page. I'm guessing (hoping) there isn't as many theatre reviews.

I also want to do wee things like group together the book reviews under particular publishers. I'm thinking of the obvious ones of Pluto Press, Verso, AK Press . . . those kind of publishers.