Sunday, October 7, 2007

October 2007 Socialist Standard: Two Little Boys Had Two Little Toys . . .

October 2007 Socialist Standard


  • Moral Panic in the UK
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  • Pathfinders Socialism in the Space Age
  • Cooking the Books 1 Why they like a bit of inflation
  • Cooking the Books 2 Back to the Iron Age?
  • Greasy Pole Gordon Brown – At Last
  • 50 Years Ago Sinn Fein policy is futile
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  • Gun and knife crime The recent spate of gun and knife crime has been taken as evidence that the country is descending into a chaos of uncontrolled violence.
  • Warring Conscience A personal statement from a former soldier who has become a socialist.
  • Northern Clay Northern Rock is currently the focus of one of the most serious financial debacles in modern British history.
  • Poverty and Famines Why do famines occur? Because there's not enough food or because people haven't enough money to buy it?
  • Do Anything Now? The Socialist Party's contribution to a recent Go Change the World debate.
  • Opportunity Cost It has always seemed strange to hear of Women's Rights as if it were a minority issue.
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  • Letters to the Editor: Socialism & Reformism
  • Book Reviews: 'The Blair Years – Extracts From the Alastair Campbell Diaries' edited by Alastair Campbell and Richard Stott; 'The Life and Adventures of William Cobbett' by Richard Ingrams; 'The Dictators: Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia' by Richard Overy; 'After Socialism. Reconstructing Critical Social Thought' by Gabriel Kolko

  • Socialist Party Meetings: Manchester, London & Norwich
  • Voice From The Back

  • Recruiting Sergeant; Ain't Science Wonderful?; Bitter Medicine; Class Divided Britain ; Expert Wants Revolution; Debt-Laden Workers; Loads of Money