Sunday, May 11, 2008

1968 Revisited: the classic that failed to start

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  • 1968 Recalled A reprint of what the Socialist Standard said on some of the events of 1968.

  • The Revolution that wasn't What might have happened if, forty years ago, workers in France had taken over the factories and tried to keep production going.

  • Bubble Troubles The intoxicating US housing boom has come to an end. Now the economic hangover has arrived.

  • Who wants a referendum on Europe? The argument about a referendum over the EU Treaty is not about democracy, but about politicians trying to control decision-making.

  • How they decided to have (and keep) the Bomb We look at what a collection of declassified official documents reveal about the nuclear weapons policy of successive British governments, Labour and Tory.

  • Britain: An "Endemic Surveillance Society" The control freaks in power who would monitor our every movement, conversation and transaction have had a busy time of late.

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