Monday, January 7, 2008

January Socialist Standard 2008: Democracy Gets A Re-tread

January 2008 Socialist Standard


  • Why the Green Party is wrong

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  • Pathfinders Why the minus 16.3 percent happy face?

  • Cooking the Books 1 Dreaming of a super cycle

  • Cooking the Books 2 Bottom line building

  • Material World Iran in the crosshairs

  • Greasy Pole Money, Money, Money...

  • 50 Years Ago Upset in Accra: Dr. Nkrumah upsets his friends

  • Main Articles

  • Jack London's The Iron Heel London's widely read book of this title was published a hundred years ago. But how realistic was it and how much of a socialist was Jack London?

  • And they call this Democracy? "It's a truism, but one that needs to be constantly stressed, that capitalism and democracy are ultimately quite incompatible." (Noam Chomsky).

  • The nature of human nature The cultural anthropologist Ashley Montagu once said that what cultural anthropologists were really interested in was "the nature of human nature". So what do they think it is?

  • "Socialism is Illogical and Irrational" Free-market capitalism, left to its own chaotic and predatory devices would self-destruct in very short order.

  • The thoughts of Premier Brown (thirty years ago) In 1975 Gordon Brown edited The Red Paper on Scotland, a collection of articles by leftwing Labour activists.

  • The trouble with gods Those fortunate enough to live in relatively secularized societies should not underestimate global power of religion

  • What they did to Thomas Hardy The writer Thomas Hardy died, eighty years ago, in January 1928. Here's what we said at the time.

  • Simon the Sociobiologist Cartoon strip

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  • Letters to the Editor: 'Silly Ceremony'

  • Book Reviews: 'Chew On This' by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson; 'All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal' Edited by Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts; 'The Class War Radical History Tour of Notting Hill' by Tom Vague

  • Obituary: Edmund Grant

  • Socialist Party Meetings: Birmingham, Central London, Manchester, Norwich, Salisbury & West London

  • Voice From The Back

  • Land of the Free; Death in a Harsh Society; Heiress on the Run; Old Age Fears; Promises, Promises; The Price of Gold