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News From The U.S.A. (1941)

Party News from the September 1941 issue of the Socialist Standard

We feel sure that news of the activities of our Companion Parties abroad will prove interesting to our readers.

A recent letter from the Headquarters of the Workers' Socialist Party of the U.S.A. contains information which reveals that their activity and influence are expanding steadily.

In recent months, for instance, W.S.P. speakers have successfully debated with the representatives of Harvard University, Federal Union, Social Justice Guild, America First Committee, and other bodies, all of which are attracting a great deal of the American public's attention just now.

The Boston, Mass., branch reports large attendances at their indoor meetings, and that their outdoor meeting are breaking all records, especially in regard to literature sales and collections. In addition, they state, “audiences are unusually attentive and orderly." Also two Marxian study classes are conducted weekly, and mid-week discussion meetings are another successful feature of this live branch. Reports from New York, etc., also reveal increased activity.

Publicity Drive
Perhaps the most significant news is the W.S.P.’s intense efforts to advance the sales of the Western Socialist, which is the joint organ of the W.S.P. of U.S.A. and the Socialist Party of Canada. Despite a severe setback to its circulation, resulting from Customs restrictions in Canada, the sales and. influence of the Western Socialist continue to grow in the rest of the Western Hemisphere.

“We are constantly making new contacts throughout the country," they inform us, “far more than at any time in our history." Scores of City and University libraries in all parts of the country now display the Western Socialist, and a campaign is in full swing to multiply the number.

Our comrades in America are indeed full of “ pep." Simultaneously with the drive to step up the sales of the Western Socialist, they launched an advertising campaign to increase the circulation of The Socialist Standard in the U.S.A. In connection with this, we have received a two-column clipping, taken from the Boston Daily Globe, which describes vividly for the American public the activities of the (Socialist Party of Great Britain in war-time. Frequent quotations from The Socialist Standard appear in the article, together with details of our recent successful meetings, etc.

This will perhaps convey to our readers something of the interest with which our comrades in America are following our activities in these significant times.

They, like us, are alive to the immense opportunities which post-war conditions are likely to provide for the development and strengthening of the real Socialist International, which at present comprises the Socialist Parties of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and, of course, the W.S.P. of U.S.A.

“The Western Socialist”
A few words about the Western Socialist. It is a worthy counterpart of The Socialist Standard, and has been fittingly described as the “Journal of Scientific Socialism in the Western Hemisphere." No Socialist or student of the working-class movement should be without it. The articles it carries are informative, and, in the light of the role which the American capitalist class is playing, and likely to play in the present world conflict, this searchlight of Socialist knowledge and understanding is invaluable.

To our readers in Great Britain, and our many , subscribers in all parts of the world, particularly those in the U.S.A., we, of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, urge you to become readers of the Western Socialist. You will not be disappointed. Below are details of the subscription rates, etc.

How about sending your order, right now ?
H. G. Holt,
Foreign Secretary, 

“Western Socialist."
Subscription Rates.

Great Britain : —
        3 issues (post free) 1/-
6 issues (post free)  2/-
      12 issues (post free) 4/-

Send your order to: —
S.P.G.B., 33, Gloucester Place, London, W.1.

U.S.A., Central and South America, British Dominions and Foreign: —
       18 issues (post free)    1 dollar
       12 issues (post free)    75 cents
         4 issues (post free)    25 cents
(Bundle rates on application.)

Send your order to: —
     Workers’ Socialist Party, 12, Hayward Place, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.