Monday, January 1, 2024

Dropped the ball . . .

Okay, that's the NYC NYE reference out of the way. Paul Anka singing Imagine in Times Square to Eric Adams, Flo-Rida (resplendent in a gold lame bomber jacket) and a few thousand vaping tourists a couple of minutes before midnight was not on my 2023 Bingo Card. 

Sadly, hitting 2000 posts on the blog for 2023 was on my Bingo Card and I came up short. Family life, another bout of Covid and bingeing Radio 4's Clare in the Community all played their part in sabotaging my efforts sometime around mid-December.

Here's to 2024. Another 12 months of trying —  and failing —  to finally finish the digitisation of the Socialist Standard projectNote to self: I will need to concentrate more on the Edwardian Socialist Standards in 2024, which is okay with me 'cos I find the period fascinating but impossibilists battering John Burns and Will Thorne unconscious with a rolled up copy of Wilhelm Liebknecht's No Compromise month after month is not everybody's cup of tea. You have been warned.

Posted below are the 20 most popular posts on the blog from 2023. Disregard the number one, 'Political Notebook: Boo, Hiss', from 1979. It always crops up in the end of year lists but only because people are randomly searching the words 'Boo, Hiss' on the internet and stumble across the blog. The British pantomime tradition has a lot to answer for.