Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Activity in Captivity

February 2008 Socialist Standard


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  • Pathfinders Emission control we have a problem

  • Cooking the Books 1 Ever heard of tryvertising?

  • Cooking the Books 2 The price of bread

  • Material World Nuclear weapons are still here.

  • Greasy Pole The mass debaters

  • 50 Years Ago Old familiar faces

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  • Work as it is (and could be) Work is a "four-letter word" today under capitalism, but our view of it might change in a society where it is solely a means of improving the quality of our lives.

  • Profit laundering what has justice got to do with it?? "Tax Havens Cause Poverty" proclaims the home page of the Tax Justice Network. No, they don't. The profit system does.

  • Social responsibility and corporations Can corporations be trusted, or even expected, to have any social responsibility?

  • Thicker than water/Obituary of a capitalist The Stagecoach story: a lesson in the random nature of business success.

  • Capitalism Chinese-style Chinese capitalism is becoming less and less different from the kind found in the West.

  • The last time the police went on strike What we said in 1919 about the police unrest and strikes of that time. Ironically today's demonstrations are organised by the Police Federation, the company union set up in 1919 to stop a real union being organised.

  • Ire of the Irate Itinerant Cartoon Strip

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  • Letter To The Editor: Social Improvement?

  • Book Reviews: 'Multi-nationals on trial' by James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer; 'Selling Olga' by Louisa Waugh; 'Economics transformed' by Robert Albritton;'Bronterre O'Brien and the Chartist Uprisings of 1839' by David Black

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  • Ten Wasted Years; No Immigration Problem; This Is Communism?; Chinese Booming Death Rate; Prophets And Profits; Progressing Backwards; Poor And Desperate