Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Julius Martov and the Anti-Bolshevik Approach To Revolution

From the Inveresk Street Ingrate blog:

Final talk from the 'Socialist Thinkers – People Who History Made' lecture series and, aptly enough, the lecture dates from 25 years to the day.

Socialist meetings on a Boxing Day? Those were the days.

The sound quality of the recording is not the greatest but, remember, when I did originally introduce these old recordings on the blog, I did introduce them as, The SPGB: the basement tapes. The political quality of the recordings has been immeasurable, and I hope that other comrades in the SPGB tradition will look to upload further talks and debates on the Party website and/or their blogs.
Martov was an important socialist thinker and activist from the first two decades of the twentieth century, and I hope that readers will also take the time to check out the links below for further information about Martov and the period under discussion.

First Part
FILE NAME: martov part one.mp3
FILE SIZE: ~67.40 megabytes

Second Part
FILE NAME: martov part two.mp3
FILE SIZE: ~27.24 megabytes
LENGTH: 29:34

Further Reading on Julius Martov:

  • Julius Martov on the Marxist Internet Archive

  • Julius Martov page at Spartacus.Net

  • The State and the Socialist Revolution by Julius Martov

  • Review of Martov's 'The State and the Socialist Revolution' (From an issue of the Socialist Standard that dates from 1940.)

  • Martov: a Russian Social-Democrat (A review of Israel Getzler's biography of Julius Martov that first appeared in the November 1967 issue of the Socialist Standard.)

  • The role of the soviets in Russia's bourgeois revolution: the point of view of Julius Martov by Adam Buick (Originally published in the French political journal, Economies et societes, cahiers de l'ISMEA, Paris, serie S, Number 18, April-May 1976 issue.)
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