Monday, March 23, 2020

Party Notes. (1908)

Party News from the May 1908 issue of the Socialist Standard

The formation of a branch in the neighbourhood of Wimbledon will soon be possible. Will any readers in that district, who have hitherto refrained from joining in the absence of a branch, communicate with the Head Office?

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Propaganda is to be restarted in Surbiton on Saturday evenings. Will all cycling comrades and others available, make a note ?

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John Smith was expelled the Tottenham Branch on April 6th for supporting the candidate of another political party at a local election.

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Imposs1904 said...

I'm not sure a branch ever was formed in Wimbledon but SPGB speakers would speak every week at. Wimbledon Common during this period.

The brief notes I have for John Smith's expulsion are: "passed counterfeit coins and supported the ILP." He'd been a member of the SPGB since September 1907.