Friday, February 26, 2021

Russian Foreign Policy (1946)

From the February 1946 issue of the Socialist Standard

Russia, like the other powers, is now following the traditional capitalist policy of putting pressure on her weaker neighbours for concessions (oil in northern Persia), or territory (Turkey), thus departing from the treaties entered into in 1921. The following extract from the Communist Palme Dutt’sWorld Politics, 1918-1936” (Gollancz, 1937, p. 317) is typical of the line the Communist?, used to take on such manifestations of imperialism : —
   “The treaties with Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey in 1921, as with China in 1924, gave direct expression to the break with the principles of imperialism, in renouncing all rights and claims enforced by Tsarism, and establishing relations of friendship and equality."
Now it is a different story.

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