Friday, March 22, 2024

New Blog Page: Cooking the Books

Following on from previous posts on the blog giving details of the dedicated pages for the Material World and Pathfinder columns, here's a short post to tie up loose ends with details of the dedicated page for the Cooking the Books column. Like the Pathfinder column, the Cooking the Books column has been a regular feature in the pages of the Socialist Standard since January 2005 and, alongside the Material World column, all three columns have formed the backbone of the Standard in recent years.

Month on month the column sets out to relate "the basic concepts of Marxian economics from discussing contemporary news items and media reference to Marx’s ideas . . . " and, as there are 400 plus Cooking the Books columns on the blog at the time of writing, I thought a good introduction for the first time reader would be the list below of the 20 most popular columns that have appeared on the blog. 

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