Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Labour M.P. Protests (1946)

From the December 1946 issue of the Socialist Standard

Referring to Sir Stafford Cripps’ recent tour of South Wales, Mr. Daggar, Labour M.P. for Abertillery, said: 
  “If the Government could spare him for two months to visit India it could spare him for more than an eight-hour run-round in Wales.
  “If a Tory had done that round, it would have been described as a fraud or a farce. I am dissatisfied with the progress made in providing employment for my people.
  “To ask those at work to work harder while others are idle is sheer political humbug and cant” (Daily Express, 29/10/46).
Mr. Daggar has a point here, but we wonder if the possibility of unemployment under a Labour Government was mentioned to constituents when he was asking them for their votes.

It seems he has yet to learn that, no matter what label is placed on the Capitalist box, the contents are always the same.

Only “Socialism” can cure unemployment.
Phil Mellor

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