Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Alas! Those Prophets. (1922)

From the April 1922 issue of the Socialist Standard
  “If the left wing analysis is sound, the clash between the capitalist powers in August, 1914, marked the opening phase of the world revolution, The events in Russia during 1917-1918 were characteristic of a revolutionary crisis. None of us can tell how soon the forward march of the revolution will be resumed; but for the present we are marking time, and the capitalist system is making awkward efforts to reconsolidate itself. Russia, too, is no longer ‘in the rapids of revolution.’ Despite the dictatorship of the proletariat, her policy is in a large measure dictated by the peasantry—a reactionary class constituting four-fifths of the population.” (Italics ours.)—E. and C. PaulCommunist Review,” March, 1922 (page 390).

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