Thursday, April 25, 2024

“I hoped he liked me as well as I liked him.”

On this day in history in 1938 George Orwell's memoir from the Spanish Civil War, The Homage to Catalonia, was published.

Posted below are a selection of articles and book reviews from the Socialist Standard covering both Orwell and the Spanish Civil War:
  • Dec 1936: Editorial: Atrocities in Spain
  • Feb 1937: Some Lessons from Spain
  • Mar 1938: Review of Spanish Testament, by Arthur Koestler
  • Apr 1939: The Last Hour in Madrid
  • Dec 1949: Into the Crystal Ball
  • Aug 1954: Barcelona 1937
  • Mar 1971: Coming up for Orwell
  • May 1980: Literary lefties in the 1930s
  • Dec 1983: Orwell's Nightmare
  • Aug 1986: Spanish Civil War
  • Oct 1986: The Political Ideas of George Orwell
  • May 1997: George Orwell, Spain and anti-fascism
  • Feb 1998: A review of Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939 by Agustin Guillamon
  • June 1998: A review of The Spanish Anarchists. The Heroic years 1868-1936 by Murray Bookchin
  • Aug 2006: For Whom The Bell Tolled
  • Sep 2016: The Heroic Tragedy: Civil War and Social Revolution in Spain
  • Oct 2016: The Heroic Tragedy: A Civil War Within a Civil War
  • Nov 2023: A review of Orwell: The New Life. by D. J. Taylor

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Imposs1904 said...

The quote “I hoped he liked me as well as I liked him.” is from the opening chapter in the book, where Orwell meets an Italian volunteer at the Lenin Barracks in Barcelona.

Here's the longer excerpt:

“As we went out he stepped across the room and gripped my hand very hard. Queer, the affection you can feel for a stranger! It was as though his spirit and mine had momentarily succeeded in bridging the gulf of language and tradition and meeting in utter intimacy. I hoped he liked me as well as I liked him. But I also knew that to retain my first impression of him I must not see him again; and needless to say I never did see him again. One was always making contacts of that kind in Spain.”