Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Books Received (1971)

From the November 1971 issue of the Socialist Standard
  • For Marx. L. Althusser. Allen Lane.
  • The Rise of Fascism. F. L. Carsten. Methuen. 80p.
  • Marx in His Own Words. Ernst Fischer. Allen Lane. £1.50.
  • New Fabian Essays. Dent. £1.75.
  • Mao Papers. Edited by Jerome Ch’en. OUP. £2.75.
  • Europe versus America. E. Mandel. NLB. £2.00.
  • Sexuality and Class Struggle. Reimut Reiche. NLB. £2.00.
  • Social Consequences of Conviction. J. P. Martin and D. Webster. Heinemann Educational. £4.50.
  • Suspended Sentence. Marc Ansel. Heinemann Educational. £1.50.
  • The Enthusiasts. L. Thompson. Gollancz. £3.00.
  • Ted Heath: A Latterday Charlemagne. Donald Johnson. Johnson Publications. 50p.

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