Thursday, May 8, 2008

Capitalism in the 21st Century

Edinburgh - Glasgow Socialist Party Day School

Saturday 10 May, 1pm to 5pm

Community Central Hall, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow

Why Capitalism Can’t Go Green (1.00pm till 2.15 pm)
Speaker: Paul Bennett (Manchester Branch)

Capitalism is simply unable to run on green lines, as its motive force is expansion and domination, with no thought for the consequences for the people or the environment. In this talk Paul Bennett, Manchester Branch,will argue that capitalism is unable to cope with the ecological challenges that lie ahead, from global warming,to depletion of resources.

Some writing on this subject
Pepper Standard Bennett Eco-socialism

The Tyranny of copyright (2.15pm - 3.45 pm)
Speaker: Tristan Miller (Central London Branch)

Tristan Miller, Central London Branch looks at copyright laws and recent attempts to have ideas free to all by developments in the internet. The internet was devised as free for all to access but capitalism fears this development in the 21st century and has tried to restrict free access.

Some more writing on this subject
Chomsky Miller

Another Century of War (3.45pm till 5.00 pm)
Speaker: Gwynn Thomas (South London Branch)

The new century opened with the promise of a "peace dividend".Tensions between the Super-powers had relaxed and the risk of interstate war seemed to have receeded only to be replaced by an increasing number of wars within states.Wars in which 90% of the casualties are civilians and 80% of those are women and children. Of the 50 major conflicts fought during the 1990's small arms were the weapons of choice in 46 of them.

Gwynn Thomas, South London Branch, will argue that these are wars on the cheap.
Some writing on war
Orwell Thomas War

Each speaker will speak for 30 minutes. The rest of the session will be devoted to questions and discussion.

Free tea, coffee and light refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.

Admission free, all welcome.

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