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Letter from Ireland (1964)

From the March 1964 issue of the Socialist Standard

Comrades, here is a brief outline of the activities undertaken by the World Socialist Party in Northern Ireland since their "Seven Days for Socialism" campaign last October. Immediately following the Belfast Branch arranged a series of lectures putting the Socialist attitude on aspects of capitalism. Every member of the branch took an active part in carrying out this programme, and every effort was made to bring the public in. The series produced some new, good speaking talent.

Regular outdoor meetings were maintained every Sunday at Customs House Square until the first week in December when bad weather set in. These meetings will be resumed as soon as possible. The canvassing of the SOCIALIST STANDARD in the slumland of Belfast has been maintained. The branch has discussed methods of increasing its efforts in this direction.

The Armagh Branch has also maintained its SOCIALIST STANDARD sales drive into surrounding areas despite a multitude of obstacles. The World Socialist Party is well known but unfortunately for the purposes of debate, well ostracised. This branch has recently been strengthened by the return of our Comrade Carson (late Coventry member) who should give added force to their activities.

What of the immediate future? A series of lectures on Marxism commenced in January and the debate between the W.S.P. of Ireland and the N.C.L.C. took place. (Details of this in the next News Letter). In the forthcoming local elections the W.S.P. intend to field five candidates. This will make them the third largest party in the contest. Quite a lot of local publicity should follow.

It is intended to run a Summer School this year. However, it is much too early to give any clear details. The necessary information will be given in due course to all Companion Parties.

That about sums it up. It only remains to convey Belfast's greetings to comrades everywhere and to return to the job of demolishing capitalism.
D.J. McCarthy (Belfast)

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