Friday, November 14, 2014

Our First Prospective Candidate for Parliament (1928)

From the November 1928 issue of the Socialist Standard

At a meeting of the Battersea Branch, Comrade Barker of the Tooting Branch, was adopted as prospective candidate of the Socialist Party of Great Britain for Battersea.

It now remains for those who desire to see our candidate go to the polls to give practical effect to their wishes by swelling the parliamentary fund to the required dimensions.

As we pointed out originally, our candidate will go to the polls if we are provided with sufficient funds to carry the business through.

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Imposs1904 said...

I just stumbled across this. I'd always presumed that the SPGB's first - abortive - attempt to contest a Parliamentary election was a seat in East Ham in the late 1930s. (Grainger was selected as the candidate.)

It turns out that they were hoping to contest one of the Battersea seats at the 1929 election. It doesn't mention if they were going to stand in Battersea North or Battersea South. If they'd had contested Battersea North they would have been up against the sitting MP Saklatvala, who'd been elected in 1924 as a Communist. (The Labour Party hadn't run a candidate.)

Suffice to say, the SPGB didn't have the funds at the time to contest any parliamentary seat at the 1929 General Election.