Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Press Cuttings (1941)

From the August 1941 issue of the Socialist Standard
“True, we are out to stop Hitler by any and every means we can. We have definite objects in mind. We want to protect our markets and trade. We mean to keep the sea lanes open.”—(U.S.A. Senator Pepper, quoted by the Evening Standard, July 2nd. 1941.)

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  “The (Peru-Ecuador) frontier dispute is over the possession of some 100,000 square miles of land rich in rubber, timber, and, perhaps, gold. . . — (A.P. message, Evening Standard, July 7th. 1941.)

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". . .  such a (Anglo-American-Russian) pact will, I believe, do more than anything else to convince the Soviet Union that her security is threatened not by a vague entity called the capitalist system but quite specifically by the anti-Comintern powers only. —(Mr. Harold Laski, in the New Statesman and Nation, July 5th. 1941. Our italics.)

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