Friday, June 19, 2015

Obituaries: Jimmy Banks, David Lamond and Helen Chesher (1967)

Obituaries from the February 1967 issue of the Socialist Standard

It is with great sadness and great regret that we recently learned of the deaths of three members.

Jimmy Banks joined the Party in 1916 and was soon an active propagandist, speaking on Clapham Common regularly. He was a conscientious objector in the 1914-1918 war and was sent to Dartmoor. Immediately upon his release he was actively propagating socialism in South West London. Of recent years we saw him only at Conference and Party meetings, which he frequently attended despite his failing health.

David Lamond, who died in November, was a staunch member for many years in Edinburgh where for many years he worked to spread the Party's message. He organised and spoke at meetings on the Mound in Edinburgh. Although for long periods he worked alone, he did much for Socialism.

Helen Chesher, who died after a long illness, joined Lewisham Branch in 1958 and despite ill health supported outdoor meetings and Party rallies. Helen worked behind the scenes at Conferences especially with the catering.
Phyllis Howard

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