Thursday, November 2, 2017

To All Our Readers (1940)

Party News from the December 1940 issue of the Socialist Standard

The other day I met an old friend who is a sympathiser of the Party. Although we had been out of touch for a considerable time owing to the conditions arising out of the “air blitz,” his first words were: “Blimey! have you got a Standard on you?—I haven’t seen a copy for two months! ” “Here, wait a minute,” said I. “ What about asking me how I’m getting on since its ages ago we last met? ”

“Oh, you? I can see you’re O.K.—it’s the Standard I’m worrying about. I say," he said with sudden anxiety, “the Standard hasn’t packed up?” and added that he had been bombed out of his home and that accounted for his ignorance of recent Party activity.

I was able to give him a current Standard and was delighted to confirm that I was still my old self by tapping him for a donation to Party funds.

Our many readers would doubtless be just as anxious as my friend if they thought that there was a danger of the Standard “packing up.”

Well, comrades and friends, there is no immediate danger of this happening, but rising costs of production, together with increasing difficulties of distribution, are causing not a little worry.

Therefore I am making this very special appeal to readers to contribute as much as they can spare to a Maintenance Fund that will ensure the future existence of the Standard.

Also I urge every reader to make a big effort to increase the circulation, as this would prove not only of propaganda value, but would assist financially too.

There is no need for me to dwell on the difficult conditions under which the Standard is produced these days. I leave that to your imagination, knowing that you will understand and respond speedily and generously.
H. G. Holt,
Party Funds Organiser.

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