Friday, March 13, 2020

50 Years Ago: The Strenuous Life
 of the Rich (1987)

The 50 Years Ago column from the March 1987 issue of the Socialist Standard

If you. fellow-worker in the docks, pushing your truck or wrenching with your hook — if you. fellow-worker, driving, stopping and starting that bus. which is larger than many a worker's house — if you. fellow-worker, staring and tapping at that adding machine until your eyes feel as though they will drop out — if you feel that your job is sapping your energy, robbing your manhood, your womanhood of a fuller enjoyment of life, then ponder over the difficulties of "our betters", who, though "they toil not", bravely face the rigours of their pleasures.
  One winter sports holiday in a season is strenuous enough to satisfy most us.
  But Mr and Mrs Vincent Paravicini are made of sterner stuff.
 They came back from Switzerland at the beginning of last month, and are shortly off again for another skiing holiday, this time at Kitzbtibel.
  Mrs Paravicini's mother. Mrs Maugham, is also going to Austria, to join some friends at Mittersill. —(Evening Standard, February 3rd, 1937.)
Having pondered, fellow-worker, it is possible that your sympathy will be aroused. If, however, you are still a man you will ask the reason why these idlers can live on your back.
[From the Socialist Standard March 1937.]

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