Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The General Election (2001)

Party News from the April 2001 issue of the Socialist Standard

The Socialist Party will be contesting one seat in the general election, Jarrow, where our candidate will be John Bissett. Unfortunately, because of a recent change in the law making it a condition for a party's name to appear on the ballot paper that it refuse to accept "foreign" donations—which we have refused to accept because, stand ing for world socialism, we reject the concept of a "foreigner" and assert our right to accept financial help from socialists and workers in any part of the world—our name will not be appearing on the ballot paper alongside that of our candidate. Nevertheless, John Bissett will be standing as the official candidate of the Socialist Party and this will be made clear on all the election material we will be producing.

If you want to help out in the election campaign to get the socialist message across, contact North East at: 
Secretary, 10 Scarborough Parade, Hebburn, NE31 2AL.
Phone: (0191) 489 XXXX.
Email: johnbissett@cableinet.co.uk.
Website: www.communities.msn.com/RealWorldSocialismNorthEast

Offers of help from "foreigners" welcome

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Imposs1904 said...

Don't mind me: just mopping up odds and sods of articles and notices from Socialist Standards that were missing from the Party website.

Hat tip to ALB for originally scanning this in.