Saturday, September 1, 2018

Obituary: Sally Morrison (1987)

Obituary from the September 1987 issue of the Socialist Standard

We regret to report the death, after a long illness, of Comrade Sally Morrison of Boston. USA.

While in good health. Sally was a loyal and valuable worker in the socialist movement, always ready to do the chores behind the scenes. She offered hospitality to visiting comrades, sold literature. distributed leaflets at meetings which she attended in all weathers, and despatched socialist literature from the American Party's headquarters. As in the case of so many comrades, the amount of work she did was not apparent until she could no longer do it.

We offer our sympathy to her husband Harry, another WSP stalwart, who is currently working on a book, due to be published next year, on the works of GB Shaw which will contain quotations from socialist literature and references both to the SPGB and the WSP of America.

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