Sunday, March 10, 2019

Socialist Standard January 1990

A new feature for the blog. 

When I have completed the scanning in of a particular issue of the Socialist Standard, and all the articles, reviews and notices from that issue are now on the blog, I will post a notice that that particular Standard is in the can — no "dustbin of history" jokes please — and I will provide a link for the issue and its table of contents in the correct running order.

Third up is the January 1990 issue of the Socialist Standard. Articles featured include a political sketch of the career of former Labour leader, Michael Foot, (the left Labour leader a Kinnock could love); cracks appearing in the Tory government, which would eventually lead to Thatcher's downfall that same year; and the cover article is a restatement of socialist opposition to the crumbling state capitalist dictatorships in Eastern Europe.

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