Monday, September 4, 2017

Taking The Rostrum (1975)

From the April 1975 issue of the Socialist Standard
These steps I’ve taken this afternoon
Like any other afternoon 
Are for SOCIALISM, nothing less
For no other cause will I digress 
My comrades and I will never falter
Though mocked and jeered we’ll never alter 
We know our case in and out
So take us to task, have a bout 
Prove us wrong and I’ll get down
Maybe join a circus, become a clown
If that is all you want to see 
Or do you possess the dignity
To stand up against inequality, 
Destruction, degradation, poverty, starvation even!
What do you do Mary, Bob, Alice, Stephen? 
You acquiesce to a system
Where profit be the only reason
To struggle, to suffer through every season 
Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring
Don’t time fly by with a zing? 
You know! 
This madhouse does not have to be
A better system we can see 
So open your minds
Give SOCIALISM some thought
If you agree, throw in your support 
We’ll not have to look to optimism
When the world is rid of capitalism
David Wright

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