Thursday, January 31, 2019

Obituaries: Harold Barlow & Claud Godfrey (1972)

Obituaries from the April 1972 issue of the Socialist Standard

We regret to report the deaths of two of our comrades, Harold Barlow of Mid Herts branch and Claud Godfrey of Haringey. Harold Barlow was a retired railway worker and a member for nearly forty years; for thirty of these he worked for socialism practically on his own in Welwyn Garden City. He was therefore very pleased when in 1965 a local branch was formed. Harold was not a speaker or writer but he was a great canvasser and Socialist Standard seller. Claud Godfrey joined the old Tottenham branch in 1926 and before the war was an active outdoor speaker. After the war he was a regular attender at the Tottenham branch. On retirement he moved to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex but still kept in touch. We extend our sympathy to the families of both of these stalwart members.

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Imposs1904 said...

Harold Barlow originally joined the SPGB in June 1936 via Central Branch.

Claud T Godfrey first joined in the SPGB in July 1926.